Our Fees

How much does refundfix charge?

We charge 15% plus VAT on any money you get back from your bank per case

  • You don’t pay anything unless you’re successful in getting money back

  • You will need to deposit an initial amount to start your claim with us, If for some reason we can’t complete the process the deposit will be reimbursed in full.

  • Our fee is capped at £10,000 plus VAT for larger cases. As our fee is 15%, cases are capped where you get back £66,666 or more. 

Below are examples and not to be taken as estimates for refunds you will receive.
The refund you receive will depend on how much you lost.*
*In some cases you may receive 8% statutory interest on top of your refund. This 8% may be subject to income tax which the bank may deduct at source. Our fees are applicable to the total amount refunded before this tax deduction is made.
You will be charged 'per case'

A “case” is defined by the number of banks we need to contact and the number of different scams we are helping you with. We do not count a case as separate if we are contacting different banks about the same money (e.g. we have cases against the bank you sent the money from and the bank you sent the money to).

What is a “successful” case

A case is deemed successful if you are returned any of the funds that you lost to the fraud from either the sending or receiving bank.

When is the fee payable?