Revolut scam Can I get my money back?

Revolut is a fintech company with a current account banking app that operates in the UK and elsewhere. As they are regulated in the UK, if you have lost money to a Revolut scam and your account is in the UK, you may be able to get your money back from your bank. Contact refundfix today for a free consultation or follow our guide on how to try and claim back your money yourself.

Fraudsters target customers of all banks in the UK, including Revolut, and we speak to victims of APP fraud from all banks. Customers often ask us whether they can get money back from a bank transfer when they have been scammed, and the answer is yes that victims may be able to get a refund.

The fraud figures for each bank have not been published publicly, so there is no exact figure on how many of their customers fall victim to fraud or how many are refunded. However, a recent publication showed that 77% of Revolut cases independently reviewed led to the result being overturned in the customer’s favour. Therefore, you really should look at your rights or seek help from refundfix if you’ve been a victim of a scam and sent the money from or to a Revolut account.

Bank Transfer Scams and APP Fraud


This is where you are tricked by a criminal into sending money from your bank account to an account controlled by a scammer. Common types of APP scams include:

  • Romance Scams

  • Investment Scams

  • Safe Account Scams

  • Invoice Scams

  • Purchase Scams

There are many more, but these common frauds involve customers being persuaded to send money for reasons they think are legitimate, but are unfortunately not. APP scams have grown massively in size in recent years, with fraud losses in 2021 topping £583.2 millionin the UK and almost 200,000 cases being recorded. We believe this is probably well below the true figure. Scammers unfortunately are professionals at manipulation and often have spent a long time practising their social engineering techniques. This is shown in the statistics, and it is Refundee’sx view that banks should be doing more to protect their customers.

If you lost money from a Revolut account, contact us today for a free consultation.

I fell victim to a Revolut Scam and sent money to a cryptocurrency wallet, can you help?


Often, victims may be tricked into sending the money to a cryptocurrency wallet in your own name and then to the scammer. Where that happens, we may still be able to help. Banks should have known about this type of scam for a long time, as it has been common for a number of years.

Transfers to cryptocurrency wallets and then to scammers are often investment scams. This is another type of APP fraud that usually involves a fake broker or trader which pretends to trade and shows good results. Scammers tricking victims into sending money via cryptocurrency is one of the recent investment fraud trends in the UK, with Action Fraud regularly warning banks and others about the scam risks. Victims are tricked into sending the money into a cryptocurrency wallet, and then from there into a fake trading account that appears to be legitimate. Unfortunately, the training account is actually an investment scam.

Banks like Revolut should still be protecting customers when they make payments like this into cryptocurrency wallets, and so refundfix can still fight the case for you.

Which? Has warned about a new Revolut scam, what is it?

There is a new SMS text scam involving impersonation of the bank that is growing in size and catching out victims in the UK. Which? Has warned that this Revolut scam is a recent fraud trend in UK Bank transfer scams and is a new approach to ‘phishing’ SMS messages.

Members of the public have reported receiving SMS messages claiming to be from Revolut telling them that their payment has been scheduled, and to call a number in the SMS message if this was not set up by the individual. The message pretends that your call will go through to Revolut itself, but it is a scammer on the line trying to trick you into a scam.

An example posted on the Which? Website showed the message mentioning a specific location for a transaction and a unique reference to make it seem legitimate:


What happens in this Revolut scam if I call the number?

This is likely a type of ‘safe account scam’ where the scammer pretends to be your bank and tells you your account is under threat and you need to urgently move it to a new account they’ve created. Your bank would never ask you to do this, but a scammer would. In this situation when you call the number they would use this unrecognised transaction you are calling back to convince you someone has accessed your details and that the only way to protect your account is to transfer it. This is often called an ‘impersonation scam’, a ‘safe account scam’ and more generally APP Fraud.

Has Revolut signed the CRM Code?

Revolut has not signed the CRM Code, sometimes called the authorised push payment scam code, although it claims to follow the spirit of it. This means that Revolut has not signed up to the stronger protection for fraud victims that the contingent reimbursement model provides as other banks have.

The CRM Code says that banks should refund fraud victims, unless they provided a thorough and relevant warning which was ignored or if the customer did not have a reasonable basis for belief. Put simply, if the bank didn’t give a really good warning that was relevant to you, or if the scam was convincing, your bank should refund you. 

Regardless of whether the contingent reimbursement model applies, Revolut should be protecting fraud victims by responding to fraud trends and taking steps to stop fraudulent payments. 

Can you get money back from Revolut if scammed?


If you have lost money to APP fraud from your Revolut account, refundfix could help you get your money back from your bank and you can fill in our fraud refund claim form for a free consultation. Our fee is 15% plus VAT on anything that we get back, and we don’t charge anything if we are not successful. For larger cases, the fee is subject to a maximum of £10k plus VAT per case.

Remember you don’t need to use a company like refundfix, you could work your case yourself for free! If you’d like to get a refund yourself, you can do this by following our bank transfer refund guide.

Customers often ask if they can get money back if they paid by bank transfer, or if they can get money back if they pay by BACS. The answer is yes, victims of scams may be able to get their money when they paid by either of these methods.