Summary of Key Information

What we do for you

We look at everything you’ve provided to us to work out whether your claim meets our criteria for us to represent you

If your claim meets our criteria…

We will complain to your bank or the responsible bank on your behalf

If we are unhappy with their response, we take your claim to theFinancial Ombudsman Service (FOS)

What we need you to do

Tell us what happened and send us documentation we need to process your complaint

  • Tell us if the bank contacts you directly after we have contacted them, especially if it’s regarding the outcome of your complaint and you receive a rejection, offer or full refund so we can help you with your next steps

  • Tell us if your name, address, email address or other contact details change


Timescales vary widely, depending on whether your case is settled by the bank or the Financial Ombudsman Service

Stages of a complaint:

  1. Information gathering ~ 2 weeks: This depends on the completeness of information you’ve provided us with and whether we need you to send us additional documents

  2. Complaining to your bank ~ 35 days

  3. Complaint to FOS ~3 months to ~2 years

Updating your case

We will update you at key milestones e.g.

We send your complaint to your bank or FOS

Your bank or FOS make a decision about your complaint

A bank or FOS requires more information

  • We will also update you every 6 months on progress of your case if applicable

  • We will keep you updated on progress via emails and phone calls

You can do it yourself

You do not need to use refundfix or anyone else.  You can do this yourself for free by complaining to your bank directly, and referring it to the Financial Ombudsman Service for a review if you are unhappy with the response 


  • You pay 15% plus VAT if successful

  • You pay nothing if you aren’t successful

  • You only pay when you receive the money

  • Fees are capped at £10k plus VAT per case

    Fee illustration (examples, not estimates for you) 


You can cancel free of charge at any time unless a redress offer has been made on your case